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This is sequel to VEILS AND MORE.

If you’ve decided not to use a veil on your big day then that’s fine, it’s not a problem at all but here are some ideas on what to use in place of a Veil but Guess what! This ideas are still going to make you Sumptuous and extraordinaire.

Veil alternative just have to be right for your hairstyles and your wedding dress but do not panic there are ideas that will go well for your style of wedding dress.

For a Mermaid Wedding Dress, it would be nice to pair it with either of these

A Structured Head Bow.

A silver or Golden Head band

Diamond Head Circlet  or

A Royal (stylish) Fascinator.

For an A’line Wedding Dress, it would look classic to add either

A shoulder Cape (Lace or well embellished)

A Crown of Pearls

A Jewel Hair Chain or



A well Embellished Hair  Ribbon


A Ball Dress can be accentuated with either of these options

Statement Hair combs or pins

Dramatic Bobbin pins

Handmade flower clips

Wedding Turban/Scarfs or

A Beadiful  Hair accessory.

For a Structured Ball Dress adding either a

Head of flower

An Attractive Bobbin pins with Gemstone will go perfectly well with it.

A crown of pearls

Remember you are the most beautiful on your wedding day.

Be a classic bride…………………………….

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